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Simplicity is what we strive for with the Aimee Ness Realty Group. No red tape to be constantly fighting with. No hoops to jump through to process a transaction. No complicated software to battle with. No complicated splits or commission calculations, or surprise bills at the end of the month. Straight forward fee based structure means you keep most of your commissions. Work how you work best and run your business how you see fit.  

The Aimee Ness Realty Group strives to provide a clear commission schedule. Agents will know exactly what they are paying for and how much they will be paying up front. There are no hidden fees, ever. There will not be any calculations of splits or caps. We believe it is important for agents to keep as much as their commissions as possible, to be able to advance their careers. The fee structure will follow as listed below. 

We are seeking self driven experienced agents to join our team. You will not be forced into buying into a CRM or other expensive software. However, if you are interested in a CRM and lead exchange you are welcome to buy into our system. 

“I have worked many years under brokerages requiring a commission split and gave much of my hard earned commission over. When I opened my own brokerage, I wanted to provide a place for agents to come and work together without the pressure of paying a hefty split to a company. I envisioned a place where agents can come and do what they do best, build relationships and change people’s lives.” – Aimee Ness 

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100% Commissions.  No hidden fees, ever.

The Aimee Ness Realty Group Offers

Culture & Strong Relationships

Coaching and Collaboration – Invest in your success as a real estate professional

Connection – Technology & People = Constant Connection

Transparency and Open Door Policy

100% Commissions

Totally Transparent Fee Structure

$500 fee for transactions up to $200,000

+$100 per each subsequent price bracket, for example: 

$200,001-$300,000 – $600 fee 

$300,001-$400,000 – $700 fee

$175 monthly fee $150 annual operations fee $125 One Time Onboarding fee

What the monthly fees, operation fee, and onboarding fee cover.  

The monthly fee covers holding your license under our brokerage and E&O insurance. The monthly fee also covers having access to our executive assistant to help keep you on track and manage your listings through the MLS. The Annual Ops fee covers the backend processing of annual functions such as monitoring continuing education, production tracking and the like. The onboarding fee covers adding new agents to the team on the backend and making sure everything is listed properly, so the new agent can work under the Aimee Ness Realty Group.

Looking for Leads? Lead Generating, Database Management, Auto Responders & More?

Opportunities for leads and lead generation is something that all agents can benefit from. I know this from many years of experience! I have been through many intensive workshops, training courses, certifications and masterminds to learn that lead management, follow up, and accountability, all lead to closings! As an added opportunity, team members can opt in and pay for opportunity to utilize special software as well as a mobile app that we use to make this magic all happen. Auto responders are in place to help respond to clients and potential leads when you cannot be available. You know when you are on showings, closing, in meetings, eating, sleeping….. you get the gist of it! As a team working together, we can make this much more affordable and beneficial to agents to ensure long term client relationships! Reach out to learn more about this add on fee based opportunity.

Need Flexibility?

At our brokerage you do not have to be tied to a physical office. Why pay a monthly fee for a space you are not using? Working with The Aimee Ness Realty Group you have the support to work remotely, work from home, and even work while working at another job. With our brokerage you will still have access to the tools, knowledge, and support of the team, no matter where you are.

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Want to learn more about joining our team? Contact us, we would love to chat!